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What Our Guests Say...

Here are a selection of recent reviews from our guests.


"Your knowledge of the dolphins and the way you effortlessly wove your understanding into our discussions made our enjoyment of the experience all the better. That, together with an excellent picnic, kind weather, expert boat handling and, not least, accommodating dolphins and sea-birds made for an unforgettable experience." Jane Nicklen, May 2011

"A beautiful, perfectly formed pause in the hustle of life. I came away energised, inspired, and resolved to do more for the environment”. 

 “Thoroughly enjoyed it, the variety and range of activities was very engaging and exciting. I enjoyed the balance of active and reflective activities. The food was excellent. I will definitely be encouraging friends to come along and enjoy it for themselves”.  

 “Back in the 70’s I was a bit of an eco-warrior (ran a whole food cooperative etc) but time passed and passions cooled. Wild at Heart has re-lit my eco-fire!” 

 “It made me feel like a fresh adolescent again discovering the world and feeling passionate about change (instead of the slightly jaded cynical northerner developed from working in the NHS for a few years!)”. 

 “I had a most wonderful and exciting Wild at Heart Eco holiday.  It re-opened my eyes to our beautiful and fragile environment.  It gave me a chance to re-connect with nature and myself.  The catering was out of this world and the company was fantastic.  Thank you so much, Deborah, for putting together such an interesting and varied package." 

 “A very big thank you for such a great day on Sunday.  It was so exciting - a perfect day of wildlife spotting which we will never forget.  You thought of everything and you were lovely company too.  The food was great and all the wonderful extras - hot chocolate on Troupe Head in that cold wind was a stroke of genius! Our whole trip to Scotland was great in fact and I plan to return with my husband”  


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